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Whole Life Insurance

Protect your family for life, and get benefits you can use along the way.

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Prime Senior Benefits is here to help you choose the best options for Medicare and Life Insurance. Just fill out the form below, and let us help you find the perfect policy.

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A lifetime of protection.


For lifetime protection and benefits you can utilize while you’re still living, whole life insurance is a good option. This type of insurance gives you a premium level of strong guarantees and protection with the potential to build cash value accessible via loans. The premium is a set amount for the lifetime of the policy, so it doesn’t fluctuate with the market. As the premium is paid, the cash value increases. You can use the cash value for things like college, starting a new business, buying a house, extra retirement, or whatever you need. You can also earn dividends that can be taken as cash, used to pay premiums, or buy more coverage.

Whole life is one of the most common types of life insurance people buy, because of the guaranteed benefits it returns.

For individuals in their later years in life, looking for a more affordable option, final expense insurance might be a good fit. Final expense insurance, also known as burial or funeral insurance, is a form of whole-life policy that covers costs associated with one’s passing, such as medical bills and funeral expenses. Older individuals often opt for final expense insurance due to its low cost, smaller payout, and focus on covering the costs of funerals.

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Benefits you can count on.

Traditional Whole Life

Cash value is one of the most commonly known benefits of whole life insurance. With whole life insurance, a portion of your premium goes into an investment account. The money that accumulates in this account is called cash value. You get to decide how quickly the cash value grows and how much you pay in premiums. It is untaxed until you take out a loan from the account, and you can take out a loan at any point in time.

Aside from the benefits of cash value, whole life guarantees benefits for your beneficiaries. As long as your premium stays current, your family will receive a granted death benefit upon the time of your death. They can use this benefit as they see fit for any expenses.


Final Expense Insurance

Earlier in life, typically, traditional life insurance policies are appropriate. Traditional term or whole life covers your expenses and debts if you pass away. But when expenses decrease, such as paying off a mortgage, you typically don’t need as much coverage.

Final expense plans are type of policy popular among seniors because of their affordability, relatively small benefit amounts, and their primary focus on covering funeral expenses. These policies are typically much cheaper than other types of life insurance and offer lower benefits than other types of policies. The primary purpose of final expense life insurance is to help cover the costs associated with a funeral and other end-of-life expenses, such as burial costs, medical bills, and outstanding debts. This policy can provide much-needed financial security for seniors and their families during difficult times.

These plans typically provide whole life insurance that does not expire as long as premiums are paid, cash value, fixed premiums, a simplified issue process (no medical exam is necessary, just health questions on the application), a straightforward application process, and fast approval times – with coverage often issued within days.

Types of  Whole Life Insurance


The standard policy balances cash value accumulation and your guaranteed life insurance coverage. This standard policy is an excellent option for those looking for cash to assist them during their retirement when they are in a lower income tax bracket.


A custom policy allows you to adjust the plan to your needs and circumstances. You can adjust the cash value growth or may be able to shorten the time you pay premiums at the expense of higher premiums. 

What is Medicare | Prime Senior Benefits | Dublin, GA

How much does it cost?

The cost varies from person to person and can only be determined by contacting an insurance agent who can guide you through the process. Your coverage needs, your age, and your medical history determine the factors that determine how much you pay.
Your insurance agent will evaluate these different factors and choose an insurance policy that meets your needs. You may select a monthly, quarterly, or biannual payment plan option.
After your policy is in place, your premiums and guaranteed death benefits will be set. At no point will they increase beyond the agreed-upon price.

Make sure your family is protected.

Understanding what kind of life insurance suits you best can be a daunting task. Determining which type of policy to enroll in, making sure your family is taken care of in the event of your death, and ensuring your retirement is comfortable can be difficult to do alone. This is why we’re here.

We have years of experience working with life insurance, allowing us to foster relationships with insurance companies. Good relationships and years of experience are why you can trust Prime Senior Benefits to help you find the best policy for your needs.

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Medicare Advantage

Also referred to as Part C, private insurance companies contracted with Medicare offer these plans. They provide all of your Part A and B benefits.

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Medicare Supplements

Also known as Medigap, Medicare Supplements help pay the leftover 20% that Parts A and B don’t cover. They essentially "cover the gap".

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Prescription Drug Plans

Also known as Part D, this is an optional benefit that covers your prescription drugs. It is offered to everyone who has Medicare.

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WHole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance policies provide coverage for the beneficiary’s lifetime and the beneficiary’s family once they pass.
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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the most uncomplicated life insurance, providing affordable coverage to meet your temporary needs.
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