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Life Insurance

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Prime Senior Benefits is here to help you choose the best options for Medicare and Life Insurance. Just fill out the form below, and let us help you find the perfect policy.

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What is Life Insurance?


Life insurance is a contract between a policy owner and the life insurance provider. A policy owner pays premiums during their lifetime, and the insurance provider agrees to pay a sum of money to the beneficiaries upon the policyholder’s passing. Whoever you deem as beneficiaries will receive money to use as they see fit.

Simply put, a life insurance policy is financial protection for your family in the event of your passing. Life insurance can help with things like paying the mortgage, college tuition, final expenses, and more.

An insurance policy contract is a legal document that needs to hold up in a court of law. Therefore, specialized terms, hard-to-decipher terminology, and legalese lingo flood these contracts with complexity. The point is to cover all the laws and regulations that could be addressed in a large claim or lawsuit and ensure your family is protected But, it’s important to fully understand this lingo before entering into a contract with a life insurance company.

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When should you invest in a Life Insurance policy?

Many people find the most appropriate time to invest is after a significant life event, such as a change in marital status, purchasing a home, or having children. However, anytime is a good time to invest in life insurance.

What is the best policy?

With any investment, your options depend on various factors such as budget, circumstances, and personal preference.

If you are not looking for a death benefit that lasts a lifetime and are looking for a more temporary and flexible, and cost-effective option that builds no cash value, you might want to look at a term life insurance provider.

Do you need a policy that provides a lifetime of coverage at a higher premium with a cash payout option? A whole life insurance policy is most likely the best-suited choice to fit your needs.

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life 

Term Life Insurance is the simplest life insurance, providing affordable coverage to meet your temporary needs. Typically you will only pay the same level of premium for the entirety of the policy term.

Whole Life

Whole Life gives you a premium level of strong guarantees and protection with the potential to build cash value accessible via loans.

Make sure your family is protected.

Do you still have questions about which type of life insurance is best for you? Call us. Our experienced agents will explain your options, provide multiple quotes, and ensure you invest in the right policy to meet your needs.

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Medicare Advantage

Also referred to as Part C, private insurance companies contracted with Medicare offer these plans. They provide all of your Part A and B benefits.

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Medicare Supplements

Also known as Medigap, Medicare Supplements help pay the leftover 20% that Parts A and B don’t cover. They essentially "cover the gap".

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Prescription Drug Plans

Also known as Part D, this is an optional benefit that covers your prescription drugs. It is offered to everyone who has Medicare.

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WHole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance policies provide coverage for the beneficiary’s lifetime and the beneficiary’s family once they pass.
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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the most uncomplicated life insurance, providing affordable coverage to meet your temporary needs.
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